Pranking with Sound: Peeve Your Friends, Roommate, or Significant Other

Pranking with Sound: Peeve Your Friends, Roommate, or Significant Other

June 29, 2020

Step up your pranking game with one of our creative sound machines. The various Fun.Delivery sound machines are truly comical. From our Meow Hear This to Yeww Farted, you’ll struggle to keep a straight face! With just one on and off button, the small sound machines are simple to use – each with a unique timer. So, you’re probably wondering how to pull off the best pranks? Below are our tips for success. 

  • Find the noise that will be the best fit:
  • Pick your subject:
    • Spouse
    • Roommate
    • Good Friend
    • Parents
    • Co-Worker
  • Recommended hiding locations:
    • In a bedside table
    • Under a dining chair
    • Under the driver’s seat
    • In a purse
    • Under a table at a restaurant
    • In a kitchen drawer
    • Behind a pillow on the couch 

We’d love for you to film the confusion and share it with us! We promise you – the select noises will make you the silliest prankster around. Best of all, you’ll get your ab workout for the day (from laughing so hard). Don’t wait, head to Fun.Delivery and order a few noises today!

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