About Us

Kim Leone Olenicoff Castellano (aka Honest Kim) is an expert when it comes to Boobs, Sweat, Farts and White Elephant Gifting. She earned the unglamorous and unlikely distinction by leaving the lucrative life as an attorney to start her own company selling Garment Guard, the first disposable adhesive underarm shields. Armed with Nordstrom as one of her first accounts, she went on to attempt to solve other embarrassing personal problems including SBDs (with Subtle Butt: disposable gas neutralizers) and saggy boots (with Boot Stay: adhesive sag preventers). The result of honed legal research skills, 30,000 miles around the world on her sailboat, too many Crappy Christmases, and a touch of OCD is Fashion First Aid and its ugly cousin, FUN.delivery, brands with over 60 (and counting) clever-useful or wacky-hilarious products. She holds several patents and numerous trademarks on these products, and actually has at much fun at work as she does at play. Kim lives between Laguna Beach, CA, Sun Valley, ID and Puako, HI with her husband Andy, her maniac toddler, her dog Schooner, her costume closet, and her nutty imagination.

Profits for Purpose We invest all profits into things that make the world a better place. Our current obsession is in empowering women to stop spending money on “fast fashion” and invest good quality pieces that flatter, while also getting and staying healthy. We also love shelter animals. And smart women.