Annoise: Hidden Recordable Sound Prank

We already offer a meowing cat, a chirping cricket, a fart and a low battery beep as pre-programmed hidden annoying sound devices, but what if you have a certain sound that would really, really, really get to someone. Maybe it is your school's fight song. Maybe it is a politician's voice. Maybe it's the worst Christmas song ever recorded ("All I Want For Christmas Is You"). Maybe it is something even worse (better). 

Well, now is your chance to shine. Record up to 10 seconds of your sound that annoys (Annoise, get it?), hide the device, and watch the results. Your sound will play every 10 minutes. 

*Tips for success: 1) Turn Annoise on by pressing the top black button once. You will hear a tone. 2) Press and hold the top black button again (you will hear one beep) to record up to 10 seconds into the middle black dot (microphone). When you let go, you will hear 2 beeps and your recording will play back. You can re-record as many times as the batteries permit. 3) Turn Annoise off when not in use by pressing and releasing the top black button yet again. You will hear two tones. You will not lose your last recording.

Made in China | Contains 3 AG13 batteries

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