Meow Hear This: hidden meowing cat prank

Meow Hear This ranks high on the scale of easy, zero damage, memorable pranks. It is a small, thin adhesive-backed device that emits meows every 15 or so minutes. The first meow is rather standard and calm, and the second one is a bit more urgent sounding. The best things are its small size, which makes it hard to find, and the relatively long periods between meows, which makes it difficult to track down where it is coming from.

Meow Hear This is suitable to prank friends, neighbors, co-workers or partners, especially those who aren't big fans of cats. Just activate the device and let your friend find it. Or move it around from time to time to really aggravate your co-worker. Or have it nearby and pretend you don't hear it. What will YOU do? Upload your shenanigans and tag @FUNdeliveryUS.

Due to the popularity of Meow Hear This, has introduced Yeww Farted, Bleepin' Battery (smoke alarm low battery sound), Frickin' Cricket and Annoise (record your own sound).

Tips for success: Press the black button to turn on. You will hear a meow to indicate the device is on. (If you don't contact us immediately for some replacement batteries.) The batteries will last for about 3-4 days if left on. You can always replace them if you need more time. Press the black button again to turn off and save your sanity.

Contains one device, 8.3 x 4.2 x 0.9 cm
Includes three 1.5V batteries (AG13)
Made in China




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