Whack Job: fun family therapy for all your wacky families

If you have never gotten the chance to beat the daylights out of a loved one without causing any physical harm, you are in for a treat. Whack Job is a new therapeutic game where each player gets a set of foam sticks and tries to whack off hook circles from an opponent or opponents.

While winning is fun, whacking your brother is more fun. So is whacking your boss. And so is whacking your bestie. It’s even more fun to get a few sets and have teams that all wail on each other. My family did this one Christmas morning and we all ended up on the floor laughing and exhausted after 15 minutes of whack frenzy.

Tips for success: No hitting above the shoulders. Place the circles just forward of the hips. Set a perimeter.

*Getting a few sets mean more people can whack at the same time, which means more laughter.*

Each drawstring bag includes 1 white set (2 foam sticks, 2 hook circles, 1 belt) and 1 black set 2 foam sticks, 2 hook circles, 1 belt). Belt fits waists up to 39”.

Made in China

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