Stank Prank: Crappy Hand Sanitizer (smells like poop or farts)


Since 2020 is the year of crap, and hand sanitizer could be one of the symbols of the year, we proudly combine the two in our latest effort to try and squeeze some laughter out of these times. Meet Stank Prank, hand sanitizer that literally smells like sh*t. But because no two farts smell the same; you get to choose between: 

  • Grandma's Growler (getting old sucks)
  • Beer, Beans & Bad Judgment (brings back memories of that weekend in Mexico)
  • Vegan's Vengeance (THAT ain't healthy)

If you already added this to your cart (in all 3 flavors) you know full well that you are going to leave one of these 1 oz travel-sized bottles next to the mint bowl at reception. You know you are going to put one in your purse to teach your lazy teenager to start carrying her own bag of stuff. You know you're going to lather it on your own hands to get the anti-mask superspreader to keep their social distance.

Fun facts:

  • Our made-in-the-USA hand sanitizer is actual functioning hand sanitizer
  • The small, 1 oz bottle says Getyerown in very pleasant font
  • No grandmas, vegans or hungover SOBs were harmed during manufacturing, but our warehouse manager is threatening to quit if we don't sell out of these quickly.

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