Prankscriptions: startling surprise envelopes


This is a simple prank that is appreciated by kids of all ages and way more fun than a birthday card. You may have seen this in the past as a cheap thrill called Rattlesnake Eggs, but we updated the copy to something more relevant and witty for today's audience. You simply wind the device inside the envelope, give it to the unsuspecting recipient and watch him or her jump (or totally FREAK OUT) upon opening. 

Choose from:

  • Hangover Helper
  • Old Fart
  • Hot Flash Helper
  • Quicker Picker Picker Upper
  • Zombie Jumping Beans
  • or get all of them for a ridiculously low price

Instructions for pranking:

  1. Remove arc/rubber band/washer from envelope.
  2. Using thumb and forefinger, wind the washer about 10-15 full rotations.
  3. Without letting go, carefully reinsert into envelope and close flap. Prank away!

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