Crappy Birthday Card: neverending musical joke

The birthday card is so engrained in western culture that people readily spend $6 on a folded piece of paper with some graphics and pre-written emotion. Take your birthday card game up a notch by giving the most memorable card ever produced- our new Crappy Birthday Card. Germane-enough "Happy Birthday" graphics appeal to just about everyone on the card front, but opening the card starts a mildly annoying G-rated song that seemingly never ends. Appropriately, the message inside the card says "may your birthday fun never end" as it keeps playing, and restarts after a 3 second fake out. There is even a fake button to press to try and turn it off, but only you know the real way to get it to stop is to close it and leave it alone for 4 minutes or to destroy it in a fit of desperation. And the birthday card you sent will definitely be remembered.

Contains two CR2032 batteries & a white envelope

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