Party Hats: Adhesive Erect Nipples


Nipples - everyone has them, not everyone can use them, and a lot of people have strong opinions about them. These little pieces of flesh have caused quite a few international uproars. But we think it’s time to have a little fun with them. Party Hats can be used to feel sexy, to replace a nipple that was surgically removed, in a costume, or just for giggles. We like putting a pair in totally lopsided. Or wearing three. Or sticking them on a man. The possibilities are endless!

Party Hats are made of 100% silicone with silicone adhesive, so they are hypoallergenic and reusable. As with any adhesive, test for sensitivity and discontinue use at first signs of redness or discomfort.

Contains: 1 pair (2 pieces)
Color: beige or cocoa
Measures: 2.5” diameter, 3/8” tall
Material: Silicone with silicone adhesive
Made in China

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