Man Akin: inflatable talking husband boyfriend (like a guy, but easier)

Why have an actual man hanging around when you could have something better. Man Akin (get it?) only talks when you want him to, and he only says things you want to hear. He doesn’t leave his dishes in the sink or sit around watching sports when there are chores to be done. At 6’ tall he is life-sized, yet deflates and folds away for convenience or stays inflated so you can sleep on him when you have finished that bottle of champagne all by yourself because you didn’t have to share with an actual man who consumes food and drink. (Man Akin is not a life saving device, but we know plenty of times he has been a life saver.)

Some of the 15 things Man Akin says that an actual man might not say:

  • I'm sorry. I was wrong.
  • Let's stop and ask for directions.
  • You do not have too many shoes.
  • Forget the game. Let's watch The Notebook again!

Tips for success: Use a pump, not your mouth, to blow up Man Akin. Peel off the self-adhesive back to attach the sound device to the inflated Man Akin's watch area. Turn the sound on/off by holding the button for 1-2 seconds and press quickly to play the phrases.

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