Quarantine Game: baskHEADball

Quarantine Game: baskHEADball

May 21, 2020

Summer is nearly here, a time that we all race to the outdoors and want to hang out with friends. Well, you can still race to the outdoors but keep your safe distance with those friends. As you start planning your distanced get togethers we have a great recommendation for you! Order a baskHEADball foam game set!

Recommended play with baskHEADball: 

Rapid Fire Play:

  • Stand 10 feet (3.3 m) apart from your opponent
  • Have ALL 6 balls with you
  • Shoot all 6 balls into your opponent’s basket [while they hold still]
  • Count the number made and switch
  • The first to 21 wins
  • Play the best 2 out of 3 games for overall WINNER

Chaos Play:

  • Anything goes
  • Well, almost anything
  • You cannot knock balls out of your opponent’s basket [because you need to stay 6 feet apart]
  • Do not remove the basket from your head
  • The first to get all three balls in the opponent’s basket wins
  • Nearly anything goes, we mean play defense, move around, use the 5 D’s of dodgeball
    • Dodge – Duck – Dip – Dive – and Dodge

Tournament Play:

  • Pick a partner [someone you’ve been quarantined with]
  • Each team of two gets one hoop
  • Stand 10 feet (3.3 m) apart with the throwers lined up on one side and the receivers on the other
  • The throwers throw their 3 balls and the receivers try and help get the balls into their hoop – without moving too far from their line – think, use your body to move around not your feet
  • The first team to 11 wins
  • Play the best 2 out of 3 games for overall WINNER

Sink & Drink Play: [great play for a socially distanced gathering]

  • Make sure you have a few baskHEADball sets for this form of play
  • Everyone wears a basket
  • Casually go about your business; eating and drinking
  • If someone lands a ball in your basket, you finish your drink
  • There really is not a true winner here, just a great challenge to surprise someone

Now, what is the wait? We’ve shared four great game ideas with you. Order your baskHEADball today! If you have other game ideas for baskHEADball, share with us on Facebook or Instagram. Lastly, go have fun! 

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