Fun Time Ahead: #Spreadthehappenis

Fun Time Ahead: #Spreadthehappenis

May 31, 2020

Okay folks, it’s time to have some fun! Make your friend’s laugh and keep the smile going. We’re calling on you to help #spreadthehappenis. This is a simple way to pass along a laugh. 

  • visit
  • order a popping pecker
  • write a little note
  • include #spreadthehappiness
  • wrap it up
  • mail it off
  • wait for their reply 

When you write your note to your lovely friend who will enjoy the big surprise of the popping pecker, encourage them to pass it along! With things starting to open back up around the country it’s a great time to drop that unexpected laugh on someone one.

Outside of mailing the popping pecker here are a few other ways to pass it along.

  • set it on your neighbor’s doorstep
  • take it to an outside cocktail hour with another couple
  • randomly drop it by a friend’s house
  • take it to a coffee shop with you

Anyway, you get the point. Be sure to tag us, #fundelivery, in your mission to #spreadthehappiness.

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