baskHEADball Foam Game Set

Time to get out and play, unplugged, live. With your family, or your friends, or your drinking buddies, or perfect strangers. Our ultra-portable foam set brings instant FUN- at the beach, at a tailgate, in your backyard, as a hostess gift, as a birthday gift, as something fun to do with kids, as a way to throw foam balls at your frenemy.

Each set includes: 2 hoops with net, side supports, adjustable velcro headband and 6 foam balls. While there are myriad games you can play with this ultra-portable foam set, here are three of our favorites:


1) Rapid fire: Stand 10 feet (3.3 m) apart from your opponent with all 6 balls. Shoot. Count the number made and switch. The first to 21 wins.

2) Chaos: Anything goes except knocking your opponent’s balls out of your basket once they are in or removing your basket. The first to get all three balls in wins. Any by anything goes, we mean defense, contact, whatever. You set the parameters to make sure death or mayhem doesn’t occur.

3) Tournament: Each team of two gets one hoop. Stand 10 feet (3.3 m) apart with the throwers lined up on one side and the receivers on the other. The throwers throw their 3 balls and the receivers try and help get the balls into their hoop. The first team to 11 wins.

4) Sink & Drink: Best played with a few sets, everyone wears a basket and casually goes about their business eating and drinking (perhaps at a BBQ or tailgate). If someone drops a ball in your basket, you finish your drink.

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