Subscription is a monthly dose of a FUN activity or gift. Every month will be something new, unique, and surprising. Think: games where you throw velcro balls at friends, edible fake poop, 3D shark hat, bar/restaurant/food shenanigans, piñatas. Just think of the memories you will create with your friends- laughter IS the best medicine.

You can change the delivery address as often as you like (to send to a different friend each time) and skip/cancel anytime. Use your for:

  • Holiday white elephant parties
  • Cheering up sick friends
  • Hostess gifts waaaaaay more memorable than a mediocre bottle of wine
  • Something interesting to do with kids


Use of gift your the month you get it because FUN doesn't like to sit on the shelf and because the activities are usually seasonal. Post your photos using #FUNdelivery or @FUNdeliveryUS to help inspire others, win prizes and get mad props from us- but they have to be posted the month of the delivery. 

Subscribe now to be the first to get these all new, unique items. The product(s) will be available for non-subscription purchase the following month, normally at a higher price, since the subscription reflects a subscriber discount.